Sunday, September 22, 2019

MMPR Lightning Collection - PINK RANGER!

Power Rangers Lightning Collection - MMPR Pink Ranger - Hasbro 2019

I was admittedly pretty bummed when Bandai lost the Power Rangers license and Hasbro took over the entire brand. Bandai's 6" Legacy Collection had just three years of releases from 2016-2019 but I really liked the style, scale, and execution. I'm not even a die-hard Sentai fan, but I still collected an assortment of ten female rangers that I love. Plus I knew from some past convention presentations that they were just about to start rolling out the villains. Such a shame we never got to see them. This Pink Ranger from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers is the first female in the Hasbro line. She definitely has some issues, but she's pretty impressive for the first female in a brand new line. I think over time these will easily be on par with the Marvel Legends lines (which consistently knocks 'em out of the park). The real test will be to see which characters come next. But, again, Hasbro has a great track record for character selection, so my hopes are high. Let's check out MMPR Pink Ranger Kimberly below!

My biggest problem with this figure are her biceps. They are very oddly shaped and are very narrow near the shoulders. Also, the skirt is really tight and keeps riding up her waist. It's really hard to pull down to a natural-looking level.

Kimberly comes with an unmasked head, a Blade Blaster, her Power Bow, both a regular arrow and a powered-up arrow, and two alternate hands in closed fist and karate chop poses. Note: I was unable to remove her hands to put the alternate ones on. It really felt like the pegs would just tear off.

This Lightning Collection Pink Ranger has almost identical articulation to the Legacy Collection figure. A lot of the joints are different, but provide the same level of poseability. The two main differences are that this new figure has an ab crunch and additional shoulder cups (the articulation that a lot of Marvel Legends males have that allow for the shoulders to shrug forward and backward).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all my MMPR Pink Rangers. From Left to Right: 2010 4" (Bandai), 2016 Legacy Collection (Bandai), 2019 Lightning Collection (Hasbro), and 2016 5" (Bandai).

Here is Kimberly with two recent Hasbro Ladies: Karma and Emma Frost.


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  1. It is a good looking figure. The biceps are a bit off but I like the form overall. Good review and photos.