Monday, September 16, 2019

Transformers - LANCER!

Transformers - Generations Select - Deluxe Autobot Lancer - Takara Tomy 2019

You know that feeling when you wait for a Netflix show all year only to binge it in a single weekend and then feel absolutely empty? This Lancer figure is triggering those feelings in me right now. When I realized my unfathomable dream of assembling Elita One's army was going to become a reality I was overcome with excitement and anticipation. The iconic Transformers G1 episode The Search for Alpha Trion was one of the highlights of my childhood. The fact the Hasbro and TakaraTomy have given us every female Autobot in that episode, even unnamed background characters like this one, still boggles my mind. I'm re-doing my transformers display and I've been inspired to backtrack and collect a bunch of old Transformers. But what's next to hunt? I can't help but think we're about to have a major fembot drought. The Nightbird due out next month is the only thing on the horizon and I'm a little bummed (but only because I've been so delightfully spoiled the past few years). Let's check out Lancer below!

So a really annoying thing about this figure is that they removed the wrist articulation. While this is not super necessary in robot form, the problem is the vehicle mode where the fists no longer tuck underneath. So now she's permanently propped up like she's putting on a spare tire.

So Lancer is the last piece for the long-awaited Orthia combiner. My expectations for this combiner really overshadow the final product. I'm being judgmental, but her arms are too long, her torso is too short, and her feet look like claws. Her face is gorgeous, but everything else is just off proportionally.

The picture on the Right below has her legs in an "arm" mode which lengthens out her body a lot. Unfortunately she can't stand at all when assembled like this.

Here she is in extended-arm-leg mode next to Megatronia.

And here is Orthia in her intended mode. Another thought might be to use the (smaller) hands and more stylized feet from Megatronia/Victorion.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Elita's Army is complete! From Left to Right: Novastar/FireStar, Moonracer, Elita One, Lancer, Greenlight, and Chromia.


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