Wednesday, November 6, 2019

MOTU Minis - SHE-RA!

Masters of the Universe Minis - Series 02 - She-Ra & Horde Trooper - Mattel 2014

Back in 2014 Mattel released a terrific series of Masters of the Universe Minis. There were 12 figures in the first wave, and if you purchased them all you could construct a mini Castle Grayskull diorama. At the time, a lot of fans viewed these figures as overpriced ($20 per 2-pack + Shipping), but I personally thought they were pretty great and would have jumped right on board... if they had included some females. The second wave showed a lot of potential and momentum for the line. It featured a Snake Mountain diorama and included the first female: She-Ra. Unfortunately the subscription numbers didn't support production so there was never an official release. But years later the 2-Pack of She-Ra and Horde Trooper started hitting Chinese sites like Aliexpress. I managed to snag a set and I adore it. It makes me want to pick up all the figures I've missed (you can often find them at GameStop). Or I can wait to see how many molds get re-released in the new 2020 blind box line. Time will tell!

She is articulated at the shoulders and neck.

She-Ra comes with her Filmation Sword and her vintage toy Shield.

Series 2 was intended to come with Build-a-Diorama pieces to construct this amazing Snake Mountain. Unfortunately I don't think any of the diorama pieces were ever produced. The leaked She-Ra and Horde trooper sets came with no pieces.

As a fun side-note: the Jitsu, Trap Jaw, Stinkor, Ram-Man and Buzz-Off figures from this cancelled second wave appear to be finally getting released in the 2020 MOTU Minis Blind Box series from Mattel. No word on Mekaneck, Webstor, Orko, Hordak, or He-Ro yet.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here are She-Ra and the Horde Trooper together.



  1. She is awesome! I really, really want to track one of these down. Dang, I wish that second series had gotten produced. Those are all winners!

    1. I think they'll all come out now. I'll bet She-Ra even gets a re-release (Hopefully she's a bit different so I can justify buying this one from China haha)

  2. Replies
    1. They really are. I'm looking forward to the new line in 2020.