Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Women of ROBOCOP!

Robocop - Nancy Miner, Anne Lewis, Lisa Madigan - Toy Island & Kenner 1988-98

I've been wanting to do this review forever. I literally took some of these photo 6 years ago, but am only now getting around to posting them. I was listening to a conversation lately about how many R-rated properties in the 1990s were turned into kid-friendly cartoons and TV shows with the express interest in selling toys to a younger demographic. It seems like a crazy notion, but it happened all the time. Robocop had three R-rated movies produced between 1987-1993, but spawned four different television series (2 live-action, 2 animated) between 1994-1998. Almost every version had a toy line geared towards kids. I find this amusing because my primary memory of the entire franchise is in the beginning of the first film when the ED-209 prototype malfunctions and obliterates the businessman in the most gorey fashion possibly. My brothers and I must have played that scene in slow motion a thousand times. Hardly a property I would expose kids to. Let's check out the ladies of the franchise below!

RoboCop Alpha Commando
Riot Control Alpha Agent
Toy Island 1998

This figure is awesome. It looks like a quintessential female Robocop. She also has a distinct purple hue.

Riot Gear Nancy comes with a bunch of.. well... riot gear. 
Included are her Sky Jump Backpack, a Working Bazooka with Missile, a Riot Shield, and a Blaster.

Her backpack has wings that can extend outwards.

RoboCop Alpha Commando
Alpha Agent (Light Up)
Toy Island 1998

Although both of the Nancy Miner figure light up when the chest button is pressed, this one with a blue under layer is the only one officially labelled as "Light up."

I got this figure used on eBay many years ago so I don't have any accessories.
She originally came with a red briefcase/laptop, handcuffs, and two blasters.

Nancy is a character from the 2008 cartoon. I couldn't find any images of her in this Robocop-esque armor.

RoboCop The Series
Robocop's Partner - Detroit Police
Toy Island 1993

Lisa comes with a Pistol, a Utility Belt, a Bazooka, and a Riot Shield.

Her belt fits surprisingly nice. It's snug to her waist and holds her pistol nicely.

RoboCop and the Ultra Police Series 01
Ultra Police S.W.A.T. Specialist
Kenner 1988

Anne comes with a crossbow, a helmet, and a few rolls of caps for a cap gun (they feed into the slot on her back).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all four ladies together.



  1. I had the Anne Lewis figure (her crossbow is actually still in my parts bin, interestingly enough) and I remember the Lisa Madigan figure (KB Toys seemed like the only place that carried the RoboCop The Series line), but I don't remember Alpha Command or Nancy Miner at all. Interesting design.

    1. I remember them at Kaybee as well. When the later series came out in 98, I don't know where they might have been sold. Kaybees around me were already starting to close and Toy Island had spotty distribution. I know i got the loose blue Nancy from a European seller on ebay because (at the time) they were super scarce.

  2. This is awesome. Didn't even know the first two existed. Very cool.

    1. Thanks. I was really excited to post this because I know they are pretty obscure and didn't make a huge impact on the toy world. The Riot Control Nancy is especially cool because of the visual connection to Robocop.

  3. Actually, the third movie was rated PG-13.