Monday, November 18, 2019

Terminator Salvation - BLAIR WILLIAMS!

Terminator: Salvation - Blair Williams w/ Resistance A-10 Warthog - Playmates 2009

This action figure was a major mystery to me for a long time. I saw her once for sale on eBay in a loose lot and was instantly intrigued. With the absence of G.I.Joe in the toy aisles, I was kind of starved for new 3.75" ladies. The movie Terminator: Salvation was really under my radar. I never saw it, and I'm not sure I ever realized it had a toy line. But in true 3.75" fashion, there was a single female character made and she was rare and came exclusively packaged with a large vehicle (reminds me of Cover Girl and her Wolverine, Maria Hill with the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier,  or Uhura with the USS Enterprise bridge). In Salvation, Blair Williams is a pilot with the Resistance under John Connor who suffers from survivor's guilt and serves as a romantic interest for Marcus Wright. Her action figure comes packaged in a large deluxe vehicle set with her A-10 Warthog and seems to have been largely released in Europe with minimal (if any) release in the US.  Let's check out Blair Williams in detail below!


Blair has all the articulation you would expect from the 3.75" figure, with the exception of the hips which are just a standard t-crotch configuration.

Blair comes with a helmet and handgun (that fits nicely in her holster). Full disclosure: I bought her loose with these accessories. And the imagery on the box matches these two items. However, I have seen multiple people selling her loose over the years with a larger black rifle accessory. I don't know if this came in the original Warthog box or not. Also, solicitation photos often showed the helmet with a mouthpiece extending on a little arm from the right ear. I personally don't think this detail ever made it into production. All the helmets I've seen look just like this.

As I mentioned above, I have not seen Terminator: Salvation yet. When looking at the action figure, I noticed the feather motif on her helmet and zipper pull and assumed this was a Native American character. However, the actress Moon Bloodgood is of Korean and American lineage (but has racially ambiguous (and beautiful) features). I'm really curious to watch the movie now and see if the character mentions any cultural cues. The feathers probably just represent flight and I'm missing the mark with my Native American assumptions.  Either way though, this figure looks absolutely nothing like Moon. It's a shame the face-scanning technology wasn't in full swing yet back in 2009.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Blair next to two G.I.Joe figures: a 2012 Zanya figure, and a 1986 Zarana.


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  1. Loved this set. Overall, Salvation had a poor set of figures but this and the Harvester were really cool. Guess they didn't have Christian Bale's likeness rights.