Monday, December 2, 2019

Justice League International - FIRE!

Justice League International - Action Figures Series 02 - Fire - DC Direct 2009

My first exposure to Beatriz da Costa was in the pages of Super Friends when she went by the name Green Fury. I was always drawn to monochromatic characters, even at such a young age. But on the flipside, I was also so young that the idea of fire that wasn't red or orange baffled me. That's honestly why I remember her so well.. because her powers confused me. I didn't even realize she was she same character as Green Flame and Fire until very recently. When she was Green Flame in the Global Guardians, she first started being paired with Icemaiden. And when Icemaiden was re-created as Ice in Justice League International, Green Flame followed suit and shortened her name to Fire. I really don't know much about the pair, except that they seem so iconic - like a female Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. There have been a handful of good action figures of this pair, but I personally think these DC Direct Justice League International versions are the best. Let's check out Fire below!

DC Direct was notorious for having females posed contrapposto, with hips cocked and shoulders at a dramatic angle. It looks terrific, but it doesn't lend itself to creative posing beyond that pre-determined one.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here is Fire with her teammate, Ice.

I wanted to post this picture with Fire alongside the 2008 Star Sapphire figure. For the longest time I though these two shared the same sculpt, but clearly they are totally different (plus Star Sapphire was sculpted by James Shoop and Fire was by Tim Bruckner).



  1. Awesome review!
    She has a great head sculpt and sharp paints. Also, thanks for teaching me the word: Contrapposto!

    1. Oh I love that word. It was drilled into me in art school because of all the classic roman and greek sculptures in this pose. Now I find myself using it all the time haha.