Wednesday, December 4, 2019

SDCC Metropolis ReAction - MARIA!

ReAction Retro Figures - Metropolis' Maria (SDCC Exc) - Super7 2019

Smaller toy companies have a leg up on the big guys for one crucial reason: they're almost always geeks like us. That scenario tends to give us great character selection, attention to detail, and amazingly nerdy easter eggs. Hence this truly fantastic SDCC exclusive Maria figure. Maria is the iconic robot from the 1927 film Metropolis, one of the earliest science fiction films ever made. That setup would normally be plenty to excite us collectors (and it did, with the two previous releases of this figure being very popular). But then we add in the super-cool trivia that Maria was the design inspiration behind one of the most popular Sci-Fi robots of all time, Star Wars' very own C3PO (specifically the originally Ralph McQuarrie concept designs), and our collective heads can explode. So in homage to this connection, this Super7 exclusive Maria is deco'd in super shiny gold (complete with a silver leg!) and packaged in classic Kenner style with a retro collectible coin. Maria is totally the droid we've been looking for!

Maria comes with a standard five points of articulation.

Even the packaging is a direct homage to the vintage carded "collector's coin" edition of C3PO.

And here is an original C3PO concept drawing from Ralph McQuarrie.
It obviously draws a lot of inspiration from Maria.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here is Maria with her Standard Version on the Left and the DesignerCon Exclusive on the Right.



  1. I love this figure. I'm also really wondering if adding some Tamiya clear yellow paint will convincingly turn her silver leg gold, like the old 3PO figure had. Something tells me I'll be cursing myself when i get this lol.