Thursday, February 6, 2020

Masters of the Universe - KITTRINA!

Masters of the Universe Classics: Club Grayskull - Kittrina - Super7 2020

As soon as the Masters of the Universe Classics line started showing signs of releasing really obscure characters (back in the early Mattel days), there has been a clamoring for the mysterious feline warrior and spy, Kittrina, to be included. Kittrina appeared in a single Season 2 episode named The Cat and the Spider from 1984 (so named because the episode introduced both Kittrina and Webstor). The episode begins with Prince Adam and Melaktha (the Royal Archaelogist) discovering a legendary Temple of the Cat deep within the Vine Jungle. They wrongfully assume the temple was abandoned and removed a sacred cat statue. The mysterious Cat People are alarmed and send Kittrina to follow the intruders back to the Royal Palace to retrieve the dangerous artifact. After a series of mishaps, the monstrous Grimalkin is freed from the statue and they all join sides to contain him once again. Kittrina was a one-off character who made a lasting impression and was immortalized in plastic 36 years later. I love this line.

I forgot to take a picture of all her accessories layed out.
Her main weapon is a cat-paw shaped little wand (that fits into a holster on her calf).

Kittrina also has a translucent orange energy piece that snaps over the end of the wand.

And finally, she has another version of her wand extended into a long whip.

Kittrina is portrayed as very skilled in combat and magic.  She is also extremely flirtatious (her attraction to Battle Cat is downright creepy). She definitely makes an impression and I'm really happy to have a toy of her.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. Good review. Definitely not one I'm familiar about. Good looking figure though.

  2. Too bad they took the easy route, going off character design by giving her normal flat feet. Nice looking figure otherwise, but man am I tired of toy makers being too scared to do anthro lower legs.