Monday, February 10, 2020


POP! - DC Super Heroes: Huntress - NYCC/Hot Topic Exclusive - Funko 2019

I saw Birds of Prey on Saturday night and I loved it. It seemed to take inspiration from some of my favorite movies: Scott Pilgrim, Kill Bill, Zombieland, and any other fast-paced wacky adventure you can think of.    It was fun and entertaining (and I even appreciated the gore). Two of my very favorite comic characters (Cassandra Cain and Huntress) made their silver screen debut and (potentially) became known to the masses. If I was to cater Huntress' movie debut to my personal preferences, it would have been very very different. But that's not saying I didn't enjoy her quirky irrational violence and Drax-like social cues, I just love the cheesy comic version more. I have been waiting for a Huntress Funko Pop forever. Once we got the main Bat-Ladies like Batgirl, Harley, Catwoman, and Ivy, Huntress was the very next character on my list. It was a long wait, but this figure is perfect. The colors are bright, she's in her iconic Batman: Hush design. Now I want Bluebird and Black Bat! Let's Check out Helena below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Huntress with the recent Batwoman Pop.



  1. I loved Birds of Prey too, and the depiction of Huntress was probably my favourite part of the movie - Mary Elizabeth Winstead was great in the role, and I like that they made her a bit dorky, which makes sense because having trained her whole life, she has no social skills. I think a big influence on the movie was Tank Girl, which also tracks because Margot Robbie has acquired the rights to remake Tank Girl and I hope she's successful with that (and that she gets Rachel Talalay back, because the studio prevented her from making the movie she envisioned).

  2. Please do the new Sarah Connor from Terminator the dark fate (Neca)