Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Disney Sleeping Beauty - MALEFICENT!

Kingdom Hearts Select - Series 01 - Maleficent & Sora - Diamond Select 2019

For some reason when I first saw this Maleficent figure in GameStop last Spring, I was very unimpressed. I thought she looked too stiff and stylized. There are a handful of classic cinematic characters that have always been high on my wishlist for the action figure treatment, and Maleficent was very near the top.  So I'm very aware that my covetousness made me a very picky customer. But recently I realized that all the modern interpretations of the character made me forget how the classic 1959 version actually looked. I saw a clip from the movie and I flashed back to this figure and instantly regretted my snobbery. Luckily I found her in a store pretty quickly. And although she isn't perfect, she is really pretty terrific in-hand. My only problem with her is her limited articulation. But I can honestly say I wouldn't have bought this if she had an amorphous soft goods cloak. That's the big trade-off for preferring completely sculpted figures, you sacrifice a lot of poseability. Let's check out Maleficent below!

As mentioned above, Maleficent's poseability is very limited. Her elbows and shoulders have hinge-and-swivel joints, but due to the rigid plastic robes, the range of motion is almost nonexistent. She has swivel wrists, a ball-jointed head, and a ball (?) waist joint. It's really hard to tell if the waist is a ball or simple swivel, but I lean toward ball. Either way, it doesn't move much.

Maleficent comes with her signature staff and two alternate adornments:
a plain green ball and a ball with her raven familiar, Diablo, perched atop.

Here is her pack-mate Sora.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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