Sunday, March 22, 2020

Titan Hero Series - GWENOM!

Titan Hero Series: Maximum Venom - Ghost-Spider (Venomized) - Hasbro 2020

I don't know anything about Gwenom, or Venomized Ghost-Spider/Spider-Gwen, but I've definitely been drawn into her design when I see her on a random comic cover. I've even picked up couple pieces of her merchandise in the past year. As a tie-in to the Venom movie sequel (due in theatres in October 2020), Hasbro seems to be ramping up their Venom-themed products in the toy aisles. There is a Marvel Legends wave due later this year (coincidentally with a Gwenom figure), many weird gimmicky slime/gummy toys, and the first to start hitting the market, these Marvel Titan Hero Series figures branded with the Spider-Man: Maximum Venom logo. There is also a Venom and a venomized Mile Morales with new tooling. Although I wish her hood had been resculpted at the edge to capture that jagged look from the comics, I still think this is a great representation of this design. Plus I'm hoping the Spider-man push this year might finally get us a Titan-scale Spider-Woman. Let's check out Gwenom below!

Something about the sculpt of her wrists made me really hope she had added articulation.
She does not. Same old five points of articulation.

Although this next image isn't exactly the same costume as the Gwenom we've been introduced to in the comics, I love this Secret Wars homage and bought this print at a comic con two years ago. Tom Ryan is the artist.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the Veonomized Ghost Spider with the Spider-Gwen figure from 2018. They share the same head and legs. The Torso and Arms are completely retooled. Note that Spider-Gwen was re-released with a power port on her arm and packaging labeled as Ghost Spider.

It's difficult to tell in the photos, the dark color on Gwenom is a deep purple-blue color (definitely not black).

And with Spider-Girl added, we have all three Spider-Lady Titans.

Here are my Gwenoms so far: a Funko Pop and a Domez.


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