Saturday, March 14, 2020

Perfect Effect - MOTOBOT RC!

3rd Party Transformers -  MotoBot PE-DX01 RC (Arcee) - PerfectEffect 2012

This MotoBot RC figure is the first 3rd Party Transformer that really caught my attention. Prior to this mold in 2012, all the fembots looked like simple model kits. A lot of their features looked soft (and improperly molded), there were plastic flashes, odd proportions, and exposed screws. But these figures from PerfectEffect really stood out from the pack. They looked amazing: well-proportioned, excellent details, lots of accessories, and bright, molded colors. I even liked that fact that the design seemed to be based off her current IDW comic appearances rather than her classic G1 look. Although a classic look was still my main desire at the time (Generations Arcee wouldn't be released for another two years), I really appreciated this unique modern interpretation and was excited to get the figure. Of course, I didn't pick her up until I found her at a toy show last year, but better late than never. She still holds up great against the other more recent 3rd Party figures. Let's check out the Perfect Effect MotoBot RC below!

Right out of the package, RC doesn't have her wings attached.

RC comes with lots of little accessories.  A bunch of them assemble into a large cannon. Individually, they attach all over the bike mode as added details.

She comes with two swords and two handguns.

She also comes with a small visor accessory that can be attached to her face.

Here area few images of Arcee from IDW Comics.

I never transformed her myself. Here is a photo of her bike mode from CollectionDX

There was a blue variant also released in 2012 as Motobot PE-DX01B RC (Battle)

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the Transformers Generations Arcee from 2015. The Motobot figure measures 5.25".


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