Thursday, March 12, 2020

Iron Factory - PINK ASSASSIN!

3rd Party Transformers - IF EX-16 Pink Assassin (Arcee) - Iron Factory 2016

Iron Factory was really on to something special when they started this 3-inch line of fembots. Between 2015 and 2018 they released seven amazing figures. Granted, there are several repaints and several simple retools, but the overall effect is a nice little troop of pocket-sized female Transformers. I only wish they would release more. Chromia, FireStar, and Moonracer would make a perfect three-pack. The tricky thing is that two previous releases (the Elita-1 and Dark Arcee homages) were surprise pack-ins with larger figures. So this makes me jump with excitement for every single Iron Factory solicitation. But with no new fembots in the last two years, I fear the line may be done. I've owned several of these ladies for years, but I only started opening them recently. I'm excited to review them one-by-one. The scale, articulation, sculpt, and paint apps are top notch. And the anime-inspired faces might seem cheesy on a larger figure, but with these it's downright adorable.  Let's check out Pink Assassin below!

Pink Assassin comes with two blades and a blaster.

Pink assassin also comes with an elaborate flight stand.

As an added bonus, she also comes with a translucent blade meant for the Iron Factory Windsaber (Windblade) figure. The original blade was opaque.

Her vehicle mode is pretty easy to achieve!

Iron Factory has has a number of female transformers made on this small scale buck. Several of them were released as exclusive pack-in figures with larger characters, so it's gets a little confusing when trying to list them all. As far as I can tell this is a complete list:

IF EX-16 Pink Assassin (Arcee)
IF EX-16A Alleria (Elita-1 - released with IF EX-14 Ultimate Commander)
IF EX-16H Dark Assassin (Combiner Hunters Arcee - released with IF EX-24 Cannon Chariot)
IF EX-16N Night Assassin (Nightbird)
IF EX-05 Windsaber (Windblade)
IF EX-05 Windsaber (clear pink) (Windblade)
IF EX-27 Shrike's Feather (Slipstream)

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are three small Arcees together: Heroes of Cybertron, Iron Factory Pink Assassin, and Dx9 War in Pocket Leah.

My ever-growing Arcee collection. I excluded all the dark pink and blue ones for aesthetics. From Left to Right: NYCC 2011 Prime Arcee, Dx9 LeahOcular Max Azalea, Reformatted Azalea, Fans Toys Rouge, Iron Factory Pink Assassin, Hasbro Generations Arcee, Toy World Leia, Heroes of Cybertron, and Titans Return Arcee.


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  1. These are very cool. Also like the incredible Arcee collection. Nicely done.