Monday, March 2, 2020

Toy World - TW-M06 LEIA!

Third Party Masterpiece-Scale Transformers TW-M06 Leia - Toy World 2017

2020 is going to be the year of Arcee. The Movie Series figure just came out, and there are three more on the horizon: Cyberverse, Earthrise Deluxe, and Masterpiece. I'm very excited. I'm so excited, in fact, that I finally opened all of my 3rd Party figures that I've been stockpiling for years. For a long time there weren't any official G1 Arcee figures out there, so the 3rd Party market eagerly filled the void. I have quite a collection to review, so prep yourself for a parade of pink robots. This Leia figure from Toy World is currently the largest one in my collection towering at 8" tall. I think she looks great, and she feels really solid (and heavy!) Although one thing I've found that 3rd Party figures have in common is extremely complicated engineering. When I opened Leia last week I found myself literally awake until 7am trying to transform her torso back to bot form. I resorted to YouTube videos (Xakimus Prime, you are a life-saver! That move at 6:05 mark killed me) and I will likely never attempt that again. Let's check out Leia below!

I think this sculpt is terrific. The details and paint applications are incredible. If I had to find one thing to nitpick about, it's that her head could be a little larger (but if it were too large, it couldn't fit inside her chest in car mode). 

Note: the pic above shows a plastic flap unfolded in the upper part of her belly. My figure came packaged like this and I didn't realize it was meant to be folded-in until late in the photography process. But I thought it offered an interesting alternate option with her chest tapering in to her waist. I re-took all the photos, but kept this one above for reference.

Leia comes with a series of plugs to fill in the screw wells. This is an amazing detail that you just don't see with Hasbro or Takara products.

She also comes with two swords with scabbards that she can wear on her hips.

and two handguns.

Leia also comes with a replacement head for the Toy World TW-M08 Wavebreak (Seaspray) figure.
The original release had a 2-tone head with a white mouth-cover. This replacement version matches the original toy (and made a lot of fans happy). This was an awesome add-in for collectors.

To wrap up the accessories, she comes with six pairs of hands. It should be noted that Leia has no wrist articulation aside from a basic swivel created when you plug in these posts to her wrists.

I'm not a great transformer, but here is my best shot at vehicle mode.

Leia has a light-piping feature to illuminate her eyes. The only problem is the light port on the back of her head is small (smaller than a pencil eraser). So most of the time her eyes look powered-down.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three most popular 3rd Party Arcees. From Left to Right: Fans Toys Rouge, Ocular Max Azalea, and Toy World Leia.

My ever-growing Arcee collection. I excluded all the dark pink and blue ones for aesthetics. From Left to Right: NYCC 2011 Prime Arcee, Dx9 Leah,  Ocular Max Azalea, Reformatted Azalea, Fans Toys Rouge, Iron Factory Pink Assassin, Hasbro Generations Arcee, Toy World Leia, Heroes of Cybertron, and Titans Return Arcee.


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