Wednesday, March 4, 2020

War in Pocket - LEAH!

Third Party Transformers - War in Pocket 14: Warrior Leah - Dx9 Toys 2016

I'm truly surprised how much I love this figure. In general, she is significantly cheaper than the average 3rd Party figure. Plus she's a smaller scale and she comes in a 2-Pack with Toufold (Kup). I ordered her years ago on a whim and never had very high expectations. But when I finally opened her last week, I was instantly enamored. She measures about 3.75" tall so I had instant flashbacks of playing with my G.I.Joes. If Takara had been making toys like this in the 80s I would have been all over them and the crossover play potential would have been insane. Leah is also very easy to transform. That's one thing smaller-scale figures like this will always naturally have over the bigger ladies, much simpler engineering. I think Dx9 could have had a lot of fun with this scale and made a ton more characters. Elita's Army would have blown my mind. But I'll take single female Leah if that's all that's meant to be. It will be fun to compare her to the future BFS Robot wave. Let's check out the Dx9 Leah below!

Leah came in a two-pack with Toufold (Kup).

This funny thing about her transformation is that her pelvis is split right down the middle and doesn't peg shut, so she can easily fall into an accidental (and extreme) split.

Leah comes with a blaster gun and a figure stand (her heels peg into those squares).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her pack-mate, Toufold.

And with two other 3.75" figures G.I.Jane on a vintage GI Joe body and Zarana on a modern body.

My ever-growing Arcee collection. I excluded all the dark pink and blue ones for aesthetics. From Left to Right: NYCC 2011 Prime Arcee, Dx9 LeahOcular Max Azalea, Reformatted Azalea, Fans Toys Rouge, Iron Factory Pink Assassin, Hasbro Generations Arcee, Toy World Leia, Heroes of Cybertron, and Titans Return Arcee.


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