Thursday, April 16, 2020

Kikaider - BIJINDER!

Soul of Soft Vinyl - Figure #15 - Kikaider 01: Bijinder (Bijinda) - Bandai 2005

Kikaider is Japanese television franchise from 1972 created by Shotaro Ishinomori, the creator of Super Sentai (Power Rangers) and Cyborg 009. The original series deals with an android named Kikaider created by a scientist to protect his family. I first became aware of the property when Bandai's Super Imaginative Chogokin toys were showing up in specialty shops in the late 90s. Funny thing was, this specific toyline was hyper-detailed and didn't really appeal to me, but the general character designs were weird are really unique and stuck with me. A few years later this Soul of Soft Vinyl figure was released in Japan and I knew I had to have it. Bijinder was an evil android from the second TV Series (Kikaider 01) in 1973 created to destroy Kikaider. She eventually became an ally who appeared in 17 episodes and also appeared in the early 2000's anime. A typical trope of early tokusatsu is female characters with weaponized breasts. And Bijinder's lasers are no exception. Let's check her out below!

Most Japanese vinyl toys come loose with hangtags. I swapped the above pics from the internet.
I've had this figure for 15 years and her tags are long gone.

Bijinda has three points of articulation: 2 Shoulder and 1 Waist swivel.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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