Saturday, April 18, 2020

Pillsbury Playthings - POPPIE FRESH!

Pillsbury Playthings - Poppie Fresh Unarticulated Vinyl Doll - Pillsbury Co 1972

In my developmental years, commercials were something you couldn't opt out of. They popped up on your screen regularly and you just had to suffer through them. But suffer isn't the right word. In fact, when I was a kid it seemed like most commercials were actually geared towards children, regardless of the product. I think the advertisers really assumed the kids had more leverage over mom's purchasing decisions than they actually did. But even still, there were cute teddy bears peddling fabric softener, a playful dog peddling beer, and of course a Pillsbury Dough Boy peddling baking products. It was an odd time. When I think of all the advertising mascots that popped up throughout my childhood, The Pillsbury Dough Boy seems to lead the pack. Maybe it was just in my house, but my Mom would constantly poke our bellies with that patented "tee-hee," so the Pillsbury nostalgia went beyond the TV screen. I didn't know there was a whole family of characters until I found this toy. Let's check out Poppie Fresh below!

Poppie Fresh's relation to the Pillbury Doughboy is never made completely clear. I like to assume it's a kid sister. There is also a pair of grandparents, a pair of small children, and a cat and dog.

Poppie comes with a figure stand of sorts. the hollow white plastic tray in the packaging holds her feet snuggly so she can stand unassisted. It also has her name printed on it. The stand is not exactly rigid and not exactly flimsy, rather somewhere in between. It feel like it could easily crack if not treated carefully.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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