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Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay - Artemyss Silverchord - Four Horsemen 2018

I struggle with a lot of fantasy properties because the aspects I especially like (unicorns, mermaids, fairies, etc) are so often spun off into a separate genre - a genre of sparkles and pastels and rainbows and hearts. Not that I dislike any of that stuff, but it effectively segregates these "softer" elements from the warriors and swords and dragons. And I hate that. (For the Schleich nerds out there, I just want my Bayala and Eldrador in one world with a unified aesthetic). That desire is one of the reasons I fell in love with the Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay line. There were no females in previous Mythic Legions lines, but this wave gave us eighteen glorious ladies! And while most of the characters so far don't fall into the unicorns and mermaids category yet, this Artemyss Silverchord figure reads as a powerful fairy warrior Queen and is easily one of the most dynamic figures in the series. It gives me hope for some kickass unicorns and mermaids down the line. Let's check out Artemyss below!

Artemyss comes with an Antler Bow, a Quiver of Arrows, a single loose Arrow, a Longsword, a sash to hold that Longsword, a Shortsword, two back-port extenders (with different-gauge holes), and a small piece that fits in the middle back port that I believe can hold the sword or some additional accessory. 

Artemyss comes with a green cloth waistcoat as a loose accessory.  I attached it before taking the turnaround photos above.  Her abdomen pops out of her pelvis and her belt piece/hip armor is a floating piece that sandwiches between the two. The green waistcoat is placed over the central peg and kind of held stationary by the belt piece, then the setup is locked down when you pop the torso/abdomen back on. I suggest placing it so it folds back at the front like I have it above. I tried it a few different ways but this looked best.

Her most notable accessory are two huge fairy wings. The are transparent with a pink pearlescent finish and composed of a rigid plastic. They attach to her shoulderports with a hinge-and-swivel peg, but there is no additional articulation (and no separation between hindwing and forewing).

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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