Friday, April 10, 2020

Transformers Studio Series - SHATTER!

Transformers Deluxe Studio Series #59 - Bumblebee Movie - Shatter - Hasbro 2020

It's taken a while, but thankfully we finally have a deluxe movie-accurate Shatter figure. The original designs sent to Hasbro in advance the movie weren't finalized, and therefore the first handful of Shatter figures were not screen accurate. This is most evident in the face, the first toys of which were covered with a red faceplate. While this is not a bad design at all, it didn't enable all the great expressions that the silver exposed face allowed. Luckily Shatter is a triple changer and therefore probably warranted two deluxe figures eventually, so I'm actually glad the two in my collection look so different. I know we'll likely never see this character again, either on screen or in the toy aisles, but the Bumblebee movie renewed my faith that the Transformers movie franchise can introduce really great cinematic females. It would actually be amazing if the Arcee design from that oh-so-brief Cybertron scene would get an action figure, but I have high hopes for her in the sequel. Let's check out jet-mode Shatter below!

Shatter comes with two guns. I personally think they look like shoes and I'm a little bummed that they cover her whole hand. I think when it comes to having toy robots, the heads and hands are usually the parts that mostly define the "human" side. These guns make her look like her arms are the guns.

So while transforming Shatter I discovered that you can unlock her abdomen accordion-style and it makes her torso a little taller and proportionally a little more screen-accurate (pic above). the only problem is it makes her unstable since her upper body and back-kibble is supported by only one hinge.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her Car-Mode Deluxe figure from last year.

Here are my Shatters all together. From Left to Right: Energon Igniter Jet, Deluxe Jet, Titan Changers, Tiny Turbo Changers, Deluxe Car, and Energon Igniter Car.


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  1. That's a cool looking Transformer. Cool design and paint.