Friday, May 22, 2020

Golden Armor WONDER WOMAN!

DC Multiverse - Wonder Woman 1984 - Golden Armor - McFarlane Toys 2020

I wasn't always a fan of Wonder Woman's Golden Eagle Armor. When it debuted in the Elseworlds classic, Kingdom Come, way back in 1996 it represented a side of Diana that I hadn't been exposed to before. When she donned the armor, she became violent, aggressive, and ready to wage war. I never thought of myself as someone who needs their heroes to have monk-like morals, I enjoy the antics of Gwenpool and Huntress as much the saintly heroes. But seeing Diana pull a 180° like that had a weird effect on me. I think this was because I could actually see her character making that turn. It wasn't a case of bad writing or a core misunderstanding of her nature, but it was a drastic and believable morality shift under extreme circumstances. Anyway, for a long time, the visual association of this armor made me uneasy. But eventually I got over it. So when I saw Gal in the armor I got genuinely excited. I'm so curious to see how it plays into the plot of the movie. Let's check out Golden Armor Wonder Woman below!

Note that in the packaging, her wings are not attached and over laying in an overlapping position behind her torso. This "at ease" pose with the wings is not achievable when the wings are attached.

This figure has the same leg-issue as the standard-release figure. Her legs are just a tad too long and lack any realistic curves and musculature. Her hips are awkwardly narrow, and the flared-out torso armor only accentuates that. Luckily the brilliant metallic of her outfit really distracts from any anatomical oversights.

I love that she is completely covered. Whether in plating or mesh, she doesn't have expanses of exposed flesh like the comic version of this armor always had. I always thought it was a silly design decision to have her 99% covered in heavy armor, but with completely exposed thighs and biceps.

The wings are the only real accessory, and they are amazing. My only wish is that they might have some additional articulation (besides the main post). The Mythic Legions line has opened my eyes to the potential of articulated wings.

By rotating the wings inward and overlapping the innermost feathers, you can achieve a look with slightly relaxed wings. Their standard position gives her a very dynamic (and wide) wingspan.

These figures all come with a collectible card on heavy stock.

Wonder Woman also comes with a flight stand.

So this is a pipe dream, but the basic sculpt of this Eagle Armor would be perfect for a Silver Swan figure. I can imagine a storyline in a future movie where her Eagle Armor is stolen by Vanessa and villainous antics ensue.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the standard version.

And with Batgirl added. Hopefully there will me more female figures in the McFarlane line soon.



  1. Not always my favorite look but when you showed it on that stand I like it more. The wings really help make the figure as well. Good post and good on DC for adding the flight stand.

    1. I'm a sucker for wings. The original DC Direct version of this armor looked boring with the wings in a hanging position.. plus the stars and stripes detailing was distracting. This version in all gold with dynamic moving wings is a major improvement.

  2. That helmet might work well as Hawk's wife, from the 80s Buck Rogers TV series.

    1. Interesting. I just googled the character.. I had never seen her before. Maybe someone will make a custom