Wednesday, May 20, 2020

McFarlane Toys - WONDER WOMAN 1984!

DC Multiverse - Wonder Woman 1984 - Wonder Woman - McFarlane Toys 2020

I'm very excited to see the Wonder Woman 1984 movie when it (supposedly) will be hitting theatres this August. By that stage of our pandemic (three months from now), I will have attempted a family vacation, potentially traveled to a wedding, perhaps have gone back to the office, and I think I will be open to experiencing a theatre outing. It will actually be my birthday week as well, so I'll be feeling social. While I'm not opposed to the home-release of movies like Trolls and Scoob, Wonder Woman 1984 is definitely the type of movie I want to see on the big screen. The action and music in the trailer just gets me all revved up. The toys are adding to my anticipation as well. It's weird how all the standard-release Wonder woman figures so far have been unable to capture Gal Gadot's likeness. I've seen high-end items that look great, but this McFarlane figure is easily the best one in the $15-30 range. I'm holding out hopes that there will be a surprise release of Cheetah closer to August. Let's check out Diana below!

Overall this figure is great. She feels sturdy, she has great articulation, and I really like the headsculpt.
However, I do feel like she has a few problems. A very general observation is that she is unnaturally tall. The more you analyze her leg proportions, the more bizarre it looks. The legs themselves are actually the biggest problem for me. Her thigh pieces are too long and lack any kind of musculature-defining curves. Her knees are literally as wide as the middle of her quad. I know a lot of this has to do with the engineering for articulation, but a slight taper in towards the knee would made a world of difference.

Two final criticisms of this figure are the metallic treatment of her costume (it looks more like a fragile Christmas ornament than armor... a little bit of burnishing would go a long way) and the rib cut is not designed great. The edge looks too sharp and uneven and visually breaks up the sculpt. Plus in certain poses there will be an exposed gap in the joint that is really distracting.

My favorite thing about this figure is the shoulder articulation. She has shrug joints, or butterfly-lat joints that enables her to hold very dynamic poses. This is a feature you normally only see on very high-end figures.

Wonder Woman comes with two versions of her lasso, coiled and unwound. I find these a little frustrating because she can't hold either very easily. You'll notice in pics below that I had to squeeze the loop together to get it to stay in her grip.

She has a hook on her belt to hold the coiled lasso.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the 2017 TRU Exclusive figure from the first movie.

And here she is with the DC Essentials Cheetah. I was hoping they would be more in scale.

And with the Golden Armor version.

And with the Rebirth Batgirl figure added. These are the only three DC McFarlane ladies so far.


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  1. can't believe her skirt got shorter somehow. its almost Shimakaze tier