Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Terry Dodson WONDER WOMAN!

DC Comics - Wonder Woman Series 01 - Wonder Woman - DC Direct 2007

I can't believe it's taken me thirteen years to photograph and post on this amazing figure. I believe most Wonder Woman collectors would claim this is their favorite representation of the character in plastic, and I definitely agree that she is spectacular. She was released in line with the the rebooted Wonder Woman comic from 2006 with art by Terry Dodson and writing by Allan Heinberg (the man behind Young Avengers and the screenplay for the 2017 Wonder Woman movie, among other things). The first story arc of the 2006 series is constantly reprinted in collected form as "Who is Wonder Woman?" and is probably at your LCS right now. I just picked it up a few months ago and it's still a great read with beautiful art. This figure is indeed gorgeous, but it doesn't exactly look like Terry Dodson's art. In fact, I think the Adam Hughes figure I reviewed earlier this week looks more like Dodson's art than this. But despite that you can't deny the perfection of this sculpt. Let's check her out below!

I've owned my copy of this figure since the day she came out in 2007 so my packaging is long gone. She's in high enough demand that it was hard to find decent MIB photos on eBay, the blurry ones above are the best I could do.

The sculpt by John G. (Jack) Matthews is so great. My only problems with this figure come from the tooling and articulation. She is very pre-posed and her articulation doesn't offer a lot of variation, but it's kind of okay because the out-of-the-box pose is dynamic and striking.

There were two attempted re-releases of this mold (both cancelled).

In 2016, DC Collectibles planned to release a Wonder Woman 3-Pack which featured this figure with a metallic repaint (Her face looks different too, but it's probably just the paint and photography).

In 2012, DC Direct planned a line called Justice League: Heroes and Foes which featured this mold with some slight retooling (her choker appears sculpted) and repaint of Diana in her Jim Lee / J. Michael Straczynski outfit. This was likely cancelled since it would have been released after the New52 reboot (and fanboys desperately need bare legs apparently).

Some notes: I've noticed that almost all official solicit photos of this sculpt appear elongated. Everything seems stretched out - especially noticeable with her torso and face. It doesn't look bad, but the real-life photos look distinctly different with a fuller face and a more drastically posed torso.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the Dodson Wonder Woman with the 2009 Hughes Wonder Woman.



  1. While this is pre-posed and not very well articulated as you've covered in your review, I think this is still my favourite Wonder Woman figure. Really love Terry Dodson's art and his run on Harley Quinn is some of my favourite comic book art of mainly female characters.

    1. I just re-read his run on Harley during quarantine. He really has a unique talent for blending serious and humorous art. Usually realistic art is tied to serious stories, and humorous stories are super cartoony, but Dodson's art is a perfect middle ground.