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Konami Real Great Model Series - Chouseishin Gransazer - Konami 2004

In the mid-aughts, I was obsessed with Japanese tokusatsu vinyl figures. Besides some vague exposure to Power Rangers and Beetleborgs, the genre was basically unknown to me. I spent a lot of time back then browsing Japanese auction sites (for other non-action-figure hobbies of mine) when I first came across the trend of 1:12 vinyl figures. I was fascinated by these inexpensive and bountiful collectibles. Just when I had written off Japanese pop culture as only schoolgirl uniforms and cat ears I discovered this world of colorful armor and intricate design themes. The vast majority of these figures were produced by Bandai, but this amazing Chouseishin Gransazer is apparently made by Konami (I say apparently because despite the copyright stamped on the figure and the logo on the packaging, I can't find solid proof that Konami ever made toys). I especially like this group because there are a whopping twelve main characters including four females. Let's check them all out below!

Chouseishin Gransazer features twelve main characters designed with a Zodiac theme. Those twelve zodiac characters are split into four elemental tribes Water, Earth, Flame, and Wind (each with has its own color palette). Each tribe has three males and one female. That's more female representation than any single tokusatsu property I can think of.

Water Tribe (Blue)
Pisces - Whale Themed Armour

Sazer Pisces' main weapon is her Aqua Blitz gun (that has a power move called the Blink Shot).

Earth Tribe (Orange)
Virgo - Leopard Themed Armour

Sazer Visuel's main weapons are her Lady Claw gauntlets (that have a power move called the Night Scratch).

Flame Tribe (Red)
Aries - Swan Themed Armour

Sazer Mithras' main weapons are her Swan Sector fans (that have a power move called the Brand Tornado). I couldn't find mine anywhere. They are red, white, and gold and match her armor.

Wind Tribe (Purple)
Aquarius - Butterfly Themed Armour

Sazer Velsou's main weapons are her Sel Cross discs (that have a power move called the Full Moon Slash).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!


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