Monday, November 2, 2020

Dragonball Evolution - BULMA!

Dragonball Evolution (The Movie) - Series 01 - Bulma - Bandai 2009

It seems like every time an anime series becomes a certified worldwide success, some genius decides to make a live action version which almost never holds up. Big ones that come to mind are The Last Airbender, Ghost in the Shell, and Alita: Battle Angel. These movies often have mixed reviews, but are usually far less successful than their source material. One of the most universally panned examples is Dragonball: Evolution from 2009 (with a dismal 15% on Rotten Tomatoes). I never saw the movie, but the consensus seems that the story was muddy, the characters weren't engaging, the CGI was inconsistent, and the movie overall was full of lame clich├ęs. The reviews are very entertaining, and they actually make me want to watch it. Bandai had high hopes and pushed out a toy line in 2008 with both 6" and 3.75" figures. The sole female release was a 3.75" Bulma (played by Emmy Rossum). Bulma is the token female typically portrayed as a brilliant scientist and creator. Let's check her out below!

There is a Rite-Aid I frequent and this figure has been hanging in their (meager excuse for a) toy aisle collecting dust with a price tag of $17.99 and a stubborn refusal to be clearanced for 12 years. I'm sure she's still there. But luckily I found her for five bucks in a toy shop this Summer and finally satisfied my compulsion to buy her.

Bulma comes with a Dragonball, a piece of the 7-piece Altar, and the Left arm of the Build-a-Figure Oozaru.

Time for a Comparison Pic!

So it seems I forgot to take all my customary comparison photos. But I did snap this pic of her next to the 2011 3.75" ThunderCats Cheetara, also from Bandai.  They both have the same unique hip articulation (angled hip swivels immediately paired with upper thigh swivels). It's simple but effective.


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