Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Marvel Legends - JOCASTA!

Marvel Legends: Avengers Joe Fixit Baf Wave - Jocasta - Hasbro 2020

This is the ideal type of Marvel Legends figure I like to see. I love (relatively) obscure characters, I love uncomplicated costumes, and I love 70's and 80's comics. It also earns a lot of points by using so many features of the Moonstone buck, which has a sturdy, strong build that looks and functions great. So many recent female Legends have had flimsy rubbery legs that wilt after a month of standing. This body, however, has already stood the test of time. Jocasta first appeared in the 1977 issue of Avengers #162 as Ultron's self-created mate. Her name has obvious oedipal connotations, but she's more of a Bride of Frankenstein type character. Ultron intended for Jocasta to house the consciousness of Janet Van Dyne (the Wasp), but Jocasta rebelled and fought against Ultron, eventually earning a spot on the Avengers. However, she retained some of the "psychic residue" from Janet which contributes to Jocasta's human persona. Let's check out Jocasta below!

Jocasta comes with an alternate set of finger-splayed hands.

And she comes with the Torso piece of the Joe Fixit Build-a-Figure.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Jocasta with her Eaglemoss figurine and two Heroclix. She also has a large Bowen Statue that I can't afford.

I love silver women. Not necessarily women who simply wear silver outfit (like Silver Sable, Steelheart, and Void), but rather women who have both silver skin and silver hair. Here is Jocasta with Engineer and Platinum.


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  1. Looks awesome. Didn't realize this was available already. Very cool.