Thursday, June 25, 2020

Spin Master - BATWOMAN!

DC Comics: The Caped Crusader (Creature Chaos) - Batwoman - Spin Master 2020

It's been weird not having a smaller-scale DC line in the stores for so long. My first exposure to super hero action figures was the Super Powers line in the 80s. Which then morphed into the DC Comics Superheroes line, quickly to be followed by Batman Movie figures. Then before long, the BTAS and Timm-verse lines settled in for a good two decades dominating the toy aisles. Before this recent 4" Spin Master line, the most similar line was the DC Infinite Heroes which ended in 2010. That line was short-lived but managed to put out some great characters (including Batwoman who was a relatively new hero at the time) but the proportions were always a little funny and the poses were stiff. This the the first 4" Spin Master figure I've picked up and I really like her. For a toy aimed at kids, she has a lot of detail and a terrific comic-accurate design. Her proportions and articulation are also greatly improved over previous DC 4" figures. I'm very excited to Wonder Woman and the upcoming Catwoman.

So each figure in the 4" DC line comes with three mystery accessories. The color/finish of the accessories is based on a mission theme that is a surprise until you open the packaging. I opened mine in an excited rush and recycled the packaging without paying attention. But I'm fairly certain these are the neon weapons for the Circus Mission.

The chest armor doesn't fit her torso at all. And the other weapons just don't make any sense for the character. But it's a line for kids, so I'm not too judgemental.

Check out how great the face sculpt looks on the packaging. It's probably a digital render, but seeing this as the intended quality makes the final product look like a serious molding error. I would gladly pay more money for higher quality results.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

And with a random selection of Kates. From Left to Right: Lego, Eaglemoss, Infinite Heroes, Multiverse, Spin Master, Imaginext, and Mini-Mates.


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  1. Pretty good looking figure for its size. Love the large group photo.