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Masters of the Universe - ReAction Figures - Evil-Lyn &  Sorceress - Super7 2018

I feel like I might say this about a lot of 80s ladies, but I honestly think the Sorceress is one of the most iconic characters from my childhood. Whenever there is a wise, all-knowing, mystical character I am intrigued. But add the fact that she is female with with a mysterious past and a bird motif that lives alone in a scary castle and I dive straight into full-blown obsession territory. The Sorceress was the first female introduced in Super7's Masters of the Universe line, and in many ways she's the most disappointing. In her original release, the face seemed constantly misprinted giving her a cross-eyed and unbalanced face. Her cloak is also made from a very awkward material. It's seems both stiff and fragile, so the way it looks in the package is pretty much what it will look like on your shelf. The later versions had much better faces, but the cape remained ungainly. Evil-Lyn on the other hand is a perfect retro interpretation, which makes it shocking that there was no variations released. Let's check them out below!

Masters of the Universe
Reaction Figures Wave 2
Super7 2016

I just did a quick photoshop to see what a simple adjustment would look like. I think the tweaked version on the Right is a huge improvement while staying true to the retro nature of this toy line. I'm going to blank out her face with some acetone and replicate this with a little black paint.

All the Sorceress figures come with the same falcon staff.

Masters of the Universe
Reaction Figures NerdBlock Exclusive
Super7 2017

Her facepaint is much improved, but the GITD plastic gives her and ill pallor overall.

Masters of the Universe
Reaction Figures Super7 Exclusive
Super7 2017

Masters of the Universe
Reaction Figures Wave 4
Super7 2018

This figure would have been perfect for a Filmation and 200x variant. It's a shame we'll never see it.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all three ReAction Sorceress figures together.

And all of my MOTU ReAction ladies together.


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