Thursday, July 23, 2020

Silver Age - WONDER GIRL!

Silver Age Wonder Woman & Wonder Girl Deluxe 2-Pack - DC Direct 2001

One of the things I miss most about the heyday of DC Direct (circa 2000-2010) is the constant mix of genres and eras in their action figure lines. For any given A-list character, you could see a variety of representations from Golden Age to Modern (and with a healthy dose of Elseworlds re-imaginings thrown in). That kind of attention just wouldn't happen today. Of course less common characters also saw inclusion, and I think those are the real gems of the line. The Silver Age line of 2-Packs from 2001-2004 was a great way to get collectors classic designs of the Teen Titans as secondary pack-in characters. The costumes were not consistent to a specific roster, but the figures are still great in their own right. I especially love the wide-eyed good girl art style in the face sculpts. It's cheesy. But spot-on. This Wonder Girl figure is a favorite of mine. It features her second costume (her original was styled after Wonder Woman) back when she was Diana's younger sister, Donna. Let's check out Wonder Girl below!

Donna comes with a craft string lasso (which was a frustratingly common accessory for action figures at this time). Apparently she also came with a white cloth toga as seen on the cardback. I picked up my Wonder Girl Loose almost two decades ago so I never knew about this toga until today.

Wonder Girl features very limited articulation. She has a swivel neck (it may be ball, but her hair inhibits motion), swivel shoulders, swivel biceps, swivel wrists, and a swivel waist. She has no leg, knee, or ankle articulation. The Wonder Woman figure featured similar articulation, but she was later re-released with modern engineering.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my Donna action figures all together: DC Universe Classics, DC Direct (Crisis), and DC Direct (Silver Age)

Here are all my red-star costume Wonder Girls together. From Left to Right: Heroclix Crisis, Mattel DCUC, HeroClix Teen Titans, DCD Teen Titans PVC, DCD Women of the DCU Bust, DCD Silver Age, Heroclix Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary, and DCD Infinite Crisis.


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  1. DC Direct did have an amazing run, and so many awesome female characters.