Saturday, July 25, 2020

DC Universe Classics - DONNA TROY!

DC Universe Classics - Trigun C-n-C Wave 13, Fig 7 - Donna Troy - Mattel 2010

DC Universe Classics was a very impactful toy line. When the line began in 2008, Marvel Legends was irritating. Most notably, their female bucks were horribly gangly and odd. However DCUC was a bright light that boasted consistent body designs with great articulation and a standardized scale. This would set it apart from both DC Direct and Marvel Legends. The DCUC line was not without its faults. The female characters in particular suffered from spindly short arms and often were sculpted with flat faces. But the overall impact and success of the line was amazing. My absolute favorite among all 30-some female DCUC figures is this Donna Troy as Wonder Girl. Her costume is simple and well-executed, her headsculpt is... intriguing (like she's actually conveying some emotion unlike the typical blank stares), and her arms strangely don't seem too short or too skinny. She is a great looking toy. (Although some runners-up are Big BardaDove, and Platinum). Let's check out Donna Troy below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my Donna action figures all together: DC Universe Classics, DC Direct (Crisis), and DC Direct (Silver Age).

Here are all my red-star costume Wonder Girls together. From Left to Right: Heroclix Crisis, Mattel DCUC, HeroClix Teen Titans, DCD Teen Titans PVC, DCD Women of the DCU Bust, DCD Silver Age, Heroclix Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary, and DCD Infinite Crisis.


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  1. Good looking figure in comparison to her in the comics. Good post.