Friday, July 17, 2020

Spin Master - WONDER WOMAN!

DC Comics: Heroes Unite 4" Series 2 - Wonder Woman - Spin Master 2020

There's something really special about this new Spin Master 4" Wonder Woman from the second wave of their new Heroes Unite series. Without any real connection to it, this reminds me so much of the 1980's Super Powers Wonder Woman (which was the first true female action figure I ever saw in person). The bright simple coloring and the smaller scale have a powerful retro vibe, but in actuality the sculpt is definitely inspired from the modern cinematic costume and there have been a million 3-4" scale Wonder Women between then and now. It's such a shame I was unable to find my Super Powers Diana, or even my 1990 Toy Biz one, in time for this review. I have no clue where they might have escaped to. I hope this line continues for a long time and other figures give a classic vibe too. I think Catwoman is the next female coming (who looks decidedly modern), but hopefully the next one will carry the retro torch. Let's check out the 4" Spin Master Wonder Woman below!

Unlike the Batman-themed waves, the Heroes Unite waves only contain character-specific weapons, in a variety of themes. Wonder Woman comes with her iconic Lasso, Sword, and Shield. It appears that Wonder Woman comes with one of two secret mission themes (one with lightning on the ocean and one on an alien planet). The ocean mission comes with translucent weapons and the alien landscape comes with opaque weapons.

I got the Ocean mission with translucent weapons.

Time for some Group and comparison Pics!

Here is Wonder Woman with two different styles of Mattel Infinite Heroes from the late 2000s.

This pictures turned out embarrassingly blurry, but here is Wonder Woman with the only 4" Spin Master female so far, Batwoman.

And here she is with the recent 12" Spin Master figure.


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