Saturday, August 8, 2020

Ed McGuinness POWER GIRL!

Superman/Batman Series 5: With a Vengeance Pt 2- Power Girl - DC Direct 2008

Power Girl is one of those characters I've always struggled with. Purely based on her anatomical endowments and her creative teams so often being comprised entirely of men. Objectification just skeeves me out on so many levels, even when I'm just generally perceiving it without solid examples. But then in 2009 one of my favorite artists at the time, Amanda Conner, took the reigns with her future husband Jimmy Palmiotti writing the scripts. Having a female on the creative team allowed me to finally read this character without being so defensive. And I quickly grew to love the character. I'm also glad that the acknowledgment of her chest was such an upfront topic. This figure of Power Girl from the Ed McGuiness-styled Superman/Batman line is the only female from that line I didn't pick up (because it came out a year before I liked the character). But I finally found her a few weeks ago in a discount bin (note the tattered card) and I'm happy to finally have her in my collection. Let's check out Power Girl below!

This design of Power Girl was used on the Direct-to-DVD animated film: 
Superman / Batman: Public Enemies from 2009.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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