Thursday, August 6, 2020

Justice League Animated HAWKGIRL!

Justice League Animated Series #4 - Hawkgirl - DC Collectibles 2020

I was a huge fan of Batman comics in elementary and middle school, and I must admit I was a bit possessive and snobby about these characters. Okay, a lot snobby. Even the Tim Burton films got high scrutiny from little source-material-purist know-it-all me (despite loving them now). So when Batman the Animated Series premiered a few years later I was not having any of it. I thought it was mocking my favorite anti-hero. I honestly didn't revisit the properties and begin to appreciate them until the early 2000s (basically when Harley became mainstream and I was diving deep). I suddenly saw what everyone else did all along. When the DC Collectibles Timm-verse line began I immediately on board, and they remain one of my favorite collections. I'm much less familiar with the Justice League cartoon, but I always appreciated Hawkgirl's prominence and strikingly simple design. When I saw this figure in my comic shop last month I knew I had to have her. Let's check out Hawkgirl below!

Her wings and spindly legs make her extremely top-heavy. I have her standing with the aide of a Kaiser wire doll stand.

Hawkgirl's wings are detached in the packaging. They ball-anchors fit very snuggly into the sockets on her shoulderblades, but it seems like the type of connection that could get loose over time if you keep popping the wings on and off.

It's shocking that she doesn't come with her signature Mace.

Time for some group and comparison pics!

Here is Hawkgirl with two Timmverse females, BTAS Catwoman and TNBA Catwoman.


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