Wednesday, September 9, 2020

MOTU Origins - TEELA!

Masters of the Universe Origins - Teela (Heroic Warrior Goddess) - Mattel 2020

It's pretty bizarre how blatantly cyclical the action figure market is. It seems like we are getting rehashed versions of all our childhood favorites every time we turn around. Of course, it's also just as likely that the companies simply know most of the action figure collecting demographic is in prime earning years, raising kids, and addicted to nostalgia. We basically are a huge cash cow. So as predicable as the new Masters of the Universe Origins line is, it's still a shocking sight to see them hanging on the pegs in the stores aisles. At first glance, these look almost identical to the original 1982 products. But the sculpts and articulation are greatly improved, with slight tweaks toward an animated look. When these were first announced, I was admittedly on the fence, but now that they are hitting the stores I am full-on obsessed. I really hope we see a variety of additional characters, including some new characters never in the vintage line like Queen Marlena. I will be buying them all. Let's check out Teela below!

Her knee design is weird and has been a major complaint in the collecting community. It definitely doesn't look great, and the "overhang" of her kneecap seems very unnecessary. Unfortunately, this buck is unlikely to change any time soon (according to the Mattel panel at PowerCon), so brace yourself for the next few years of figures to have this same design.

Her face really is gorgeous. It's somehow a blend of her animated look and the vintage toy.

Of course Teela comes with her iconic snake armor with staff and shield.
If you are unaware, before the cartoon was created, the mini-comics introduced two separate characters, Teela and the Goddess. The feathered falcon-themed Sorceress did not yet exist, and instead that role was filled by the green-skinned snaked-themed Goddess. We all know the colors of the toys could be pretty random (yellow Evil Lyn anyone?), so despite the lack of green skin, they make the Teela figure play a double role. When she wore the snake armor she was Goddess, a character completely unrelated to Teela." Over time the MOTU fanbase kind of subconsciously merged the two characters into "Snake Armor Teela. I would love to display Teela in both fashions, but my fingers are crossed for a green variant instead.

In true homage to the vintage line, these figures each come with a new mini comic. The art style is pretty modern. I wish it was a little more vintage looking for consistency, but I'm glad they are included and that the MOTU lore will be expanded upon.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her vintage 1982 figure.

And with a couple other snake armor Teelas: the Super7 ReAction figure and her World's Smallest figure.


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