Friday, September 11, 2020

War for Cybertron - NIGHTBIRD!

Transformers Generations: War For Cybertron - Nightbird - TakaraTomy 2019

My excitement over the upcoming Earthrise Arcee, War For Cybertron Elita-1, and Kingdom Blackarachnia made me almost forget this Nightbird figure that came out last Fall. Surprisingly this has been the only reuse of the Siege Chromia mold. Considering the Moonracer mold gave us four unique characters, I really thought they'd stretch this one out a little more. But when I see how good the Arcee mold and Elita redeco seem to be, I think this one is likely retired. Nightbird is a very nostalgic for me. In the original G1 show, she was a military robot stolen by the Decepticons and brainwashed/reprogrammed to be evil. I was obsessed with her episode, Enter the Nightbird, and would eagerly watch the repeating shows on syndication hoping to see it again. Something about her just struck a chord with me. She was cool, powerful, and mysterious. (And I used to fill notebooks with my drawings of her). So needles to say I get really excited whenever she gets merchandised. Let's check out Nightbird below!

In lieu of her signature ninja weapons, Nightbird comes with the same multi-piece weapons accessories that Chromia came with. The piece can be essembled into a long gun, short gun (with a silencer), or two grenades. The grenades can also mount on the sides of her back kibble.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the Siege Chromia. They are identical except for headsculpt.

And here is a group of my Nightbirds so far (there are two missing). From Left to Right. TRNS-EX1 TFCon Exc, ImprossibleToys Nightbird, War for Cybertron Nightbird, Legends Nightbird, and Kre-O Nightbird.


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