Thursday, September 3, 2020

Super7 ReAction - CHEETARA!

ReAction Action Figures - ThunderCats Wave 01 - Cheetara - Super7 2020

Arcee from the Transformers franchise seems to be getting a lot of attention in 2020 for getting an unprecedented wave of action figures. But a surprise runner-up is Cheetara. First she got a Savage World figure from Funko, then this Super7 ReAction figure, and soon we will see her ThunderCats Ultimates figure from Super7 as well. Granted, the Savage World figure came out in late 2019, and the Ultimates likely won't arrive until 2021, it's still three great Cheetara figures in a relatively short amount of time. What excites me most about the ReAction line lately is the teased Jem figures shown at Toy Fair. I always wanted a great "Ladies of the 80s" lineup, but Jem always seems to be the odd girl out. So far we have the MOTU and POP figures, April from TMNT, Cheetara, and now Jem. This could be the line that finally gives me my all-star lineup. My only problem is that the figures keep improving, so by the time we get them all the early releases like She-Ra pale in comparison. Let's check out Cheetara below!

My figure has a bad spot on the right side of her hair. It's more of a line and it bothers me. I'll eventually try to remove it with some nail polish remover and paint a new one.

Cheetara comes with her signature bo staff.

Earlier this year I was lamenting the lack of good animation stills of Cheetara online. I spent hours watching videos and taking screengrabs. I'm excited to have a reason to post them all again. Enjoy!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three 'Cats from wave one (as mentioned above, I'm not a big fan of the mutants so I didn't buy Slithe, Jackalman, or Mumm-Ra).

And here she is with other ReAction 80's ladies: April O'Neil and Evil-Lyn.



  1. I'm Super7ed out unless they make more Aliens or Red Dawn but this Thundercats line looks great.

    1. I'm still on board if they continue with these 80's cartoon properties. After Jem, I want to see Silverhawks, Tigersharks, Bravestarr, all of them.