Sunday, October 25, 2020

Transform Element - BLACK WIDOW!

3rd Party Transformers - TE MM-01 Black Widow - Transform Element 2019

I've always been quick to note that the presence of a 3rd Party Transformers market doesn't hinder my purchases of official Hasbro or TakaraTomy product at all, and that the 3rd party presence actually deepens my interest in all Transformers products. However, I can think of one exception; this tiny 3.5" Transform Element Black Widow figure from last year. This figure was announced right around the same time as the official TakaraTomy Transformers Masterpiece Blackarachnia, which I was fairly certain I was going to purchase (although the $100+ price tag was keeping me at bay). To be fair, Beastformers aren't my favorite iteration of the Transformers Universe, so I'm much more likely to shell out big bucks for a vehicle mode than a robotic animal. But when faced with a the decision to add a large-scale, very expensive figure to my collection or this tiny, cheaper alternative, I chose the 3rd Party route. (And knowing me I'll eventually cave on the Masterpiece). Let's check out Black Widow below!

Black Widow comes with three accessories: a mandible gun (that becomes part of the head in spider mode), two half dome pieces that become part of the spider abdomen, and an extra (non-speckled) pelvis piece.

I found the instructions above very confusing. Plus I am very inept at most transformation. So I gave up halfway through and googled these spider-mode pics below.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are a few of my Blackarachnias together. From Left to Right: Kre-O, Legends, Tiny Turbo Changer, and Transform Element.

And here is Black Widow with two other 3" scale 3rd Party Transformers: Windsaber and Pink Assassin.


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