Sunday, November 15, 2020

Marvel Vinylmation - SPIDER-LADIES!

Marvel Vinylmation Series 1 & Marvel Junior Series 15 - Disney 2013 & 2016

It's hard to deny the popularity of vinyl collectibles. These days, when you visit a collectible toy store, chances are it will be largely dedicated to vinyls (which can be unfortunate). While the Funko Pop line is the current industry leader, they weren't the first, and they won't be the last. But about a decade ago, it seemed like every single company took a shot on the fad.  One of the more prominent lines was Vinylmation from Disney. They started in 2008 as Disney park exclusives, but soon they were in every Disney Store and all over the secondary market. Vinylmation used the successful blind box formula of a standard quirky mold with unique paint designs. Bearbricks, Dunny, and Labbit had laid the groundwork, and Disney had a guaranteed hit with an iconic Mickey Mouse body and an endless supply of popular licenses to tap into. Of course, even successful toy lines rarely last forever, and by 2017 these were all but extinct. The Spider-Ladies were my obvious favorite. Let's check them out below!

Marvel Vinylmation (3") Series 01
Disney 2013

This series consisted of 3" blind boxed vinyl figures with an articulated neck and arms.
I especially like how this Spider-Woman has clear Mickey ears with her venom blast effect printed on them.

Marvel Vinylmation Jr (1.5") Series 15
Disney 2016

This specific series had a Spider-Man theme and consisted of blind box 1.5" Keychains (with only neck articulation).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!


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