Friday, November 13, 2020

The Mighty Ducks - MALLORY!

The Mighty Ducks - Mallory McMallard (Standard & Spin Attack) - Mattel 1996

One of the unexpected perks of running this website and associated social media is meeting so many like-minded collectors. And on rare occasions some of them even send you action figures (Thanks Peter!) I had been eyeing these Mighty Ducks Mallory figures for years, but I never got around to actually purchasing them. When they came out in 1996 I was on an exclusively retro 80s cartoon kick (Robotech and Hanna-Barbera Heroes), so the show should have been completely off my radar. But I had friends who were obsessed with the Ducks franchise; the movies, the NHL team, and the animated series. So I when I discovered this toy line (a few decades later), they got me all nostalgic about my old high school buddies, one of which I'm miraculously still close with. The cartoon is bizarre. Puckworld is an icy planet inhabited by humanoid ducks that skate around fighting an invasion of reptilian enemies. Mallory was the main female and got an action figure and a repaint. Let's check them out below!

The standard release (on the Right) has a purple deco. The Spin Attack repaint in black is on the Left.

Here are the accessories that come with the standard (purple) version of Mallory: Solid Yellow Shin Guards, Silver Skates, a silver Super Puck-Chuck spinning accessory, and a solid yellow rubbery headband.

Here are the accessories that come with the standard (purple) version of Mallory: Translucent Yellow Shin Guards, Solid Yellow Skates, a purple Super Puck-Chuck spinning accessory, and a translucent yellow rubbery headband.

I am unable to get this translucent yellow headband to fit on her head in any reasonable way. I don't know if the mold it thicker than the original release, but it doesn't tuck under her bangs nicely and just looks awkward.

Time for some Comparison Pics!


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