Saturday, December 26, 2020

Mission Fleet - CARA DUNE!

Star Wars: Mission Fleet - Defend the Child 5-Pack - Cara Dune - Hasbro 2020

When The Mandalorian Disney+ show was first announced several years ago, I never would have predicted that it would become one of my favorite chapters of the Star Wars saga. Sure, Din Djarin and Grogu are spectacular and could support the entire series. But the icing on the cake is all the fantastic female characters. There are legacy characters like Ahsoka Tano, the requisite Mandalorians like the Armorer and Bo Katan, and awesome standalone characters like Fennec, Xi'an, and the amazing Cara Dune. Cara is played by MMA fighter Gina Carano who has amazing presence on screen. Cara is someone you just don't mess around with and she's quickly become one of my favorites. Earlier this month, I was really excited to learn that (a) the Mission Fleet line was indeed going to continue. And (b) that there was a great multipack featuring Cara Dune already available on Amazon. FYI I read that there is a set with Bo Katan also coming this year. I can't wait. Let's check out Cara Dune below!

Cara has a ball-jointed head, hinge-and-swivel shoulders, swivel wrists, and simple swivel hips.

Cara comes with two guns. The bigger one of mine is pretty bent from the packaging.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Cara with the rest of the Defend the Child set: Stormtrooper, IG-11, The Child, and The Mandalorian.

And here is Cara with the only other female in the line so far, Ahsoka Tano.


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