Thursday, December 24, 2020


Roblox Imagination Collection - Wave 02 - Vie Battle Witch - Jazwares 2020

Merry Christmas! I feel like I am often left out of the fun holiday toy trends. This year my friends are going bonkers for the Holiday Storm Troopers and constantly sending me pics of their cool displays. But I find female holiday figures can be pretty rare (and often cheesy). So imagine my surprise to find one of the weirdest and coolest seasonal action figures I've ever seen right before the holiday. Vie Battle Witch is in the newest wave from the Roblox Imagination Collection (realistically-proportioned figures apparently designed by players using the library of virtual add-ons in the Roblox system). Vie wears a shocking giant deer skull headdress with festive holiday details. I love skulls. I don't find them creepy or dark, but rather like interesting curiosities. But I must admit I love how the antlers and holiday details give a krampus-like vibe. The overall look is intended to be creepy, and I can totally see that, but I just think she's adorable. Plus the title of "Battle Witch" is just damn cool. Let's check out Vie below!

I wanted to start with a picture of Vie with her skull headdress on. 
It's very dynamic and I'm sure it will be the selling point for most buyers.

But I must say I am surprised at how great her unmasked head is.

The half-crescent facepaint on her cheeks reminds me of that very specific trend in late 90's indy comics where 
the formula was (1) Bikini Girl + (2) Facepaint + (3) Specialized Gimmick. I have trouble telling all those indy girls apart, but just from a quick glance at the lineup of old action figures from Rendition and Skybolt Toyz, I found four character toys with this facepaint: Allura, Mercy, Nira X, and Gwynn. And I'm sure there are many many more.

Vie Battle Witch comes with a bow, a quiver of arrows, a knife (that fits in her belt holster), and of course her cervid skull headdress... complete with festive red ribbon and holly.

The headdress balances on her head kind of precariously. 
It extends back and cups around the rear of her skull, but very loosely.

The headdress can also be shifted backwards to give a "visor-up" look.

The new Imagination Collection insert is pretty exciting.

There are three additional female figures coming: Luna Galactic Popstar, Aven the Silver Warrior (who looks like a creepy scarecrow), and Skylas the Skyland Delivery Girl (gameplay shots show her with steampunk DaVinci wings).  Plus I'm hoping that Bec the Fire God will be a translucent character like Crystello the Crystal God was. This line is really fun.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three Roblox Imagination Collection ladies so far: Nitr0-Z, Vie Battle Witch, and Digital Artist.


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