Sunday, December 13, 2020

Transformers Earthrise - LIFELINE!

Transformers: Galactic Odyssey - Paradron - Ratchet & Lifeline - Hasbro 2020

The first Transformers toy I bought as an adult was the small Heroes of Cybertron PVC of Arcee. I was just starting to get back into toys and comics after a long hiatus for college and this little pink goddess just spoke to me. But then several months after I bought this figure, the same stores starting carrying a green version of Arcee called Paradron Medic. And around the same time I noticed the Energon Arcee figure was also released in a green variant. I was curious enough to do some research and learned of the G1 episode, Fight or Flee (Season 3, Ep 15, Oct 1986). In this episode, Cyclonis and Scourge get stranded on the peaceful planet of Paradron, which they discover is Energon-rich and proceed to overthrow the citizens. The Paradron population is made up of simple male robots (that remind me of ROM: Spaceknight) and a bunch of green Arcees. I just re-watched the episode and the Paradron Medics get maybe three seconds of airtime. But it's a fun setup for a repaint figure. Let's check out Lifeline below!

I'm not sure exactly when the green Arcee adopted the name Lifeline, but I'm pretty sure it was the 2016 TFCC set which included a repainted Generations Arcee. This Earthrise version is a part of a fun series of Amazon-Exclusive 2-Packs titled Galactic Odyssey that each focus on a different planet from the Transformers continuity. There are supposedly 5 sets in total, one for each of the planets shown on the map on the box. In typical recent Hasbro exclusive style, this set comes in a brown cardboard packaging with the colorful graphics printed inside.

Since I just reviewed Arcee a couple months ago (and this Lifeline is just a repaint of her), I won't go into much detail. However, I will mention again that half of her back kibble is removeable. The entire rear end of the car is a giant chunk of plastic that she can either stand on or mount on her back. The photos above have this extra back gear attached, but all photos below will show it removed.

Here's a the most close-up image of the Paradron Medics from the episode. In most shots they aren't much more than background characters. You can see the character model is identical to Arcee with the exception of the wings that are absent.

As a tangent, near the end of the same episode there is a group shot in a Quintesson sequence that shows these interesting Transformers. The one of the far right looks like a female Kup. It pans by them so quickly that all my screengrabs were blurry.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her pack-mate, Ratchet.

And with her mold-mate, Arcee. I like that Lifeline has a bit of color to her faceplace. 
Arcee's white face seemed off to me.


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  1. Great review I have this figure also. I hope they do a Nightbird version one day. I do want to correct one thing. In the picture of the Animation that you say is Kup, It's actually a Retro-Canonized Glyph, another female coded Autobot.