Monday, December 14, 2020

Uncanny X-Force PSYLOCKE!

Marvel Legends (Amazon 3-Pack) - Fantomex Nimrod Psylocke - Hasbro 2020

This Psylocke was a very unexpected purchase. When the Amazon exclusive three-pack was first announced last Summer, it was an easy pass for me. I don't know who Fantomex is, I'm not a huge fan of Nimrod, and I always felt the X-Force versions of Psylocke was always too similar, yet less interesting, than her classic ninja look. But then the set showed up as a Cyber Monday deal and I suddenly became covetous. Once I had the set in hand, I really appreciated it though. I imagine the Nimrod figure looking great with the upcoming Omega Sentinel, and the Psylocke figure looks sleek and intimidating in all black with bright pink accessories. Her outfit is new to me. The previous X-Force outfits were just a black versions of the 90's Jim Lee look, but this one has unique cutouts and a more sporty feel. Turns out it's specifically from the Uncanny iteration of the book. If I was going to get any black-suited version of her, I'm glad it was this one. Let's check out Psylocke below!

These pink accessories are awesome. My Psylocke came with two psychic butterfly effects (a mistake perhaps?), a psychic dagger, an alternate closed fist (to anchor the dagger), a sword, and an energy effect that sheaths around the sword. What makes these accessories stand out from the previous Psylocke release is that they have a subtle purple airbrushing effect on them. It really gives them an extra pop.

Her pack-mates include Fantomex...

...and Nimrod!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Psylocke with her packmates, Fantomex and Nimrod.

And here she is with the Apocalypse Wave Psylocke. Note, that is this older Psylocke of mine is mash-up of the two variants released in 2018. One version had a flat blue outfit with black hair, and the other had a dark metallic blue outfit and purple hair. I swapped them to have the purple hair on the flat blue body.

And with the recent Marvel Select Psylocke.


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