Saturday, January 30, 2021


Apex Legends - 6" Action Figures - 05 Wraith (Voidwalker) - Jakks Pacific 2021

I feel like for years fans have been asking for Legends-scale figures for almost every property. Marvel Legends has set quite a high bar for quality and scale. So it's natural to want that same effort applied to other properties. And recently I looked around the toy aisles and realized this has happened. Star Wars Black Series, G.I.Joe Classified, and Transformers R.E.D. are some of the most difficult items to find in stock. And then there there's a video game properties following suit: Halo Infinite, Fortnite Legendary Series, and the most recent addition, Apex Legends. Apex Legends is a 2019 first-person shooter battle royale game and Wraith is one of the many playable characters (Legends) in it. She can control inter-dimensional rifts - whether small like dodging attacks or big like teleporting a whole squad. This is the same character as the first Wraith figure, but in her cool inter-dimensional Voidwalker suit. Her design reminds me of Starcom or the Rulons from Dino-Riders. I love it. Lets' check out Wraith below!

I love that despite a total design change from her first figure, she retains her signature scarf.

Wraith comes with two weapons. According to the packaging I assume these are an Alternator and a Hemlock Burst.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Voidwalker Wraith with Season 1 Wraith.


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