Monday, February 1, 2021

Into the Spider-Verse - GWEN STACY!

Marvel Legends: Spider-Man Stilt-Man Wave - Gwen Stacy - Hasbro 2021

I remember the first time I laid eyes on Spider-Gwen. I was on vacation with my family and catching up on a backlog of comics. In the back of one random Marvel book, there was a small picture of her advertising the Spider-Verse storyline. I was so behind in comics at the time and assumed I had missed a big introduction. But the internet failed me and told me nothing. Spider-Gwen wasn't officially revealed for a few months in Edge of Spider-Verse #2, but I was hooked from that first teaser image. Having her be an other-dimensional version of a legacy character like Gwen Stacy just added to her allure. I'm so happy that 2018's Into the SpiderVerse film has launched her into wide popularity. My rube coworkers even know who she is because their kids love her. This Gwen figure is a perfect representation of her from the movie. The unmasked head is extremely impressive. Now I'm excited for her future animation roles, especially the rumored female-centric Spider-Women movie. Let's check out Gwen below!

Gwen comes with two sets of a hands, a hooded head, and an unmasked head with a separate hood piece in the down position.

I must say, when I first saw solicit pics of the figure, I didn't think I was going to like the masked head. Something about the shape and profile of her hood just didn't look right to me. I expected this to be a rare example of when I prefer the a civilian head over a superhero one. But in person I really like the hooded version. Of course now I need to hunt another Gwen because I want to display both.

Gwen comes with a pack-in bonus figure of Spider-Ham in his Into the Spider-Verse design. 
He has a ball-jointed head.

Gwen also comes with the Torso for the Build-a-Figure Stilt-Man.

I had to take a moment to express my excitement of Gwen's wave-mate, Frog-Man. One of the first superhero comics I ever bought was Marvel Team-Up #131. In the issue, White Rabbit is introduced and she fights Frog-Man (and Spider-Man). They are silly characters, but very nostalgic to me. I can't believe all these years later Hasbro made toys of them.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Gwen with the original 2016 Spider-Gwen Marvel Legends figure on the Left.

And here she is with the original 2018 Spider-Verse movie Gwen. This was essentially a basic series figure.

And here is a comparison of the new Gwen head with the 2016 version.

From Left to Right: Toy Box, 2016 Marvel Legends, 2021 Marvel Legends, Marvel Select, and 2018 Spider-Verse.



  1. Such a great figure and loved her character in the Spider-Verse movie. Can't wait to get one of these for me and the grandsons. The figure looks so cool. Great photos and post.

  2. Awesome figure. Will definitely have to add this to the collection.