Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Fortnite - JULES!

Fortnite - Bombs Away! Glider (w/ Jules) - 3.75" Series -  Jazwares Toys 2021

When I first started this blog I loved doing themed months of reviews. Mostly it would be silly, like bumblebee-themed characters or Halloween, but sometimes it took on some social significance like reviews for Black History Month. I've always been drawn to diverse representation in action figures. Since my collecting focus is female characters, we're already swimming in underdog territory. So finding additional dimensions of diversity is exponentially harder. Then came the fateful attempt to do Native American characters. I quickly discovered there were almost no figures of Native American females outside of vintage wild-west toys. Characters were present: Dawnstar, Talisman, Rainmaker, Dani Moonstar, etc, but toys were simply absent (at the time). So now whenever I see a figure that even eludes to a Native American origin, I get really excited. This Fortnite Jules character has no officially defined heritage, but I interpret her design as Native American and gladly add her to my collection.

My favorite part about Jules is her smirk and her little nosering.

This Jules Sets comes with the Bombs Away! Glider.
This is giant bomb-shaped surfing glider with footpegs for a character to stand on top. It is also motorized with two AAA batteries that control spinning and rotating wheels. Basically it spins around in crazy unpredictable directions.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is a Jules with my other recent Fortnite purchase, Blaze.


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  1. Ah, Jules is my main Fortnite skin!

    Ethnicity is often left a little vague in Fortnite but I believe she's supposed to be of mixed Asian/Caucasian descent. Similar to Midas, who she is seemingly related to - with speculation generally being that she's either his sister or his daughter. It's been difficult to discern as they haven't appeared in the same season together yet, but Midas keeps photos of her in his office. Anyway - her tattoos are meant to be gothic/steampunk inspired. She was portrayed as the leader of the "bad guys" in her main season. But you're the second collector I've seen who's reinterpreted who to be Native American, which is a cool take as well.