Sunday, January 24, 2021

Power Rangers - ASTRONEMA!

Power Ranger Lightning Collection - Red Ranger & Astronema - Hasbro 2020

I felt very defeated when the Power Rangers license shifted from Bandai to Hasbro. I had invested a lot of energy and excitement in the Legacy line and starting over with the Lightning Collection just seemed depressing. However, I must say that Hasbro's efforts to give us the weird and quirky villains from the Power Rangers franchise has been very encouraging. In all the years of the Legacy Collection we saw very few villains, but with Hasbro we've seen a steady inclusion of bad guys. Astronema is known as the Princess of Evil and is the prime antagonist in Power Rangers In Space. She also appeared in several other series and has been portrayed by a number of actors (mainly Melody Perkins), and is notable for numerous outlandish hairstyles. I never watched In Space or Lost Galaxy, but in recent reading I learned that Astronema becomes the Pink Galaxy Ranger and is the sister of In Space Red Ranger. Now I find her immensely more interesting. Let's check out Astronema below!

Astronema comes with her signature Wrath Staff, a purple energy effect, a pair of alternate fisted hands, and an odd boomerang-type thing that can mount to a peg on her right thigh. (I couldn't find any pictures of references to her using this weapon).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Astronema with her pack-mate (and brother), In Space Red Ranger.



  1. Good looking figure and definitely didn't know her history. Good post.

  2. Definitely a cool looking figure.

  3. She uses the boomerang against her own Quantrons in the episode where she helps the Rangers search for Zordon. I'll see if I can find the episode name and/or a pic.