Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Transformers Masterpiece - ARCEE!

Transformers Masterpiece - MP-51 Arcee (Cybertron Warrior) - TakaraTomy 2021

One of my favorite decisions of the past decade was to start collecting all the Arcee figures I could get my hands on. I do this a lot with other characters I love (Batgirl, Catwoman, Spider-Woman, etc), but the effort to get all the Arcees was a daunting and pricey goal. These challenges are of course accelerated by the dynamic 3rd Party Transformers market where high-end fan-made unlicensed figures break new ground each year. I credit all the previous attempts to create unofficial Masterpiece-Scale Arcee figures in the success of this long-awaited official TakaraTomy version. Almost every detail seems inspired and improved upon from the past 3rd Party releases. The single flaw I find with this figure is the low-placed, mis-measured, and undersized chest plate. And ironically, this flaw will likely be remedied with a 3rd Party add-on kit, making it a joint effort toward a perfect Arcee figure. I'm really looking forward to that day. In the meantime, let's check out the TakaraTomy Masterpiece Arcee below!

An interesting bit of engineering with this figure is the two panels on her inner thighs. They are spring-loaded and can recess when you press them. In vehicle mode, the legs swing directly upwards and these panels push in to make room for the corners of her hips

The chest plate is my only issue with this figure. I believe it was measured incorrectly in the design process and that the Autobot symbol should meet the top of the hinge just below her neck. The chest and that white lever-type piece are a single connected unit that clicks flushly into the rest of the torso. I thought I would be able to figure out how to reposition it in a natural way, but it is impossible without a newly sculpted piece.

Arcee comes with a ton of accessories including multiple guns, blast effects, a holster, and four interchangeable face plates.

My favorite feature of this figure is the surprise pink visor that folds up into her head. In the movie, Arcee can lower this visor to see far distances. Note: the alternate faceplates can slide into her head on two different sets of grooves. The second set of grooves places the face in a more recessed position. The recessed position seems to be necessary to make room for the visor to be displayed.

Arcee's hands are terrific. The fingers are hinged to give you great poseability. They are also cast in pale pink plastic. It's my understanding that previous Masterpiece releases have had painted hands which rubbed and chipped easily. There is also a slot in each palm that is the actual anchor for each weapon she holds. The finger joints aren't strong enough to give a real grip, just the appearance of one.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is a collection of my larger Arcee figures. 
From Left to Right: Ocular Max Azalea, Fans Toys Rouge, Masterpiece Arcee, and Toy World Leia.

In my humble opinion this Masterpiece Arcee is the best. When she gets a 3rd Party chest replacement she will be perfect. She has the best-formed legs and hips, the tightest joints, the best colors, and the most solid overall construction (several of the others have torsos that slump apart when you touch them - the tabs just don't hold them together).


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  1. I really wish I could see what other people see in this figure. I desperately do.