Friday, February 26, 2021

Top Wing - BEA!

Top Wing - Academy Collector Pack (Full Cadet Collection) - Bea - Playskool 2019

My fascination with preschool action figures started with Imaginext and all their DC heroes. In fact, the first Imaginext release of Catwoman was a major factor in me starting this blog. I was thinking how it was a shame Catwoman wasn't included in the line yet when I found a blog reviewing her. I was floored she existed. I became a big fan of the site, and after a few months I was inspired to launch my own. And my fascination with preschool toys has remained, but I often opt to only post the more collector-focused figures. A few years ago, Top Wing was a significant presence in the toy aisles. It features a cast of anthropomorphic birds who illogically fly planes. I think the designs are colorful and fun, but the toy line dwindled before this last set featuring the parental figure and technician, Bea, hit the shelves. She was seemingly only released in Canada (always out of stock on the Walmart Canada website and never on eBay). But then I found her in December at a discount store (Ollie's) in the US.

Bea is a canary, which is interesting because she's only the second character that is a flying bird (along with Swift the Blue Jay). The rest of the pilots are flightless: Penguins, Puffins, Roosters, etc.

This set also comes with the baby chicks, Chirp and Cheep.
They are attached to their base and are not articulated.

Here are the the Academy Pack characters all together. 
From Left to Right: Swift, Rod, Bea, Brody, and Penny.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all my Top Wing Ladies so far. From Left to Right:  Shirley Squirrely, Penny Penguin, Bea, (another) Penny Penguin, and Betty Bat.

There are a lot of variations of all of the main Top Wing characters. These are the two Pennys I have so far. Someday I'll get one of the version of her wearing her helmet. The one with the bow on her head is the one from the Academy set. 


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