Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Marvel Legends - OMEGA SENTINEL!

Marvel Legends - X-Men Tri-Sentinel BaF - Omega Sentinel - Hasbro 2021

Outside of robot-centric properties like Transformers and Go-Bots, robotic traits in comic characters bore me. It's my personal preference, but I want mutants and magic, not cyborgs and mecha. And oversize villains always seem like a lazy set-up. I'd much rather see the X-Men vs the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants than a giant Sentinel. So, despite years of unavoidable exposure to them, I always just kind of breezed over Sentinel stories. Then I found myself reading the Powers of X storyline in 2019 and I was suddenly exposed to new evolutions of human-sized Sentinels with unique names and personalities. I am still very naïve about their histories, but I've learned that Omega Sentinels are humans that were transmuted into Sentinels via nanotechnology. All I know is that they are visually stunning and make for great action figures. The idea to include alternate parts to make her an army builder of sorts is genius. One of the many reasons Marvel Legends sets the bar high. Let's check out Omega Sentinel below!

This Omega sentinel has two very distinct looks. The red-faced version is simply known as "Omega Sentinel" in the Powers of X storyline, but internet research tells me she is Karima Shapandar, a police officer from India who was changed into an Omega Sentinel by Bastion. The version with the hair appears to be an earlier version of Karima as well. I say "appears to be" because Karima always had black hair.

To achieve these different looks, Omega Sentinel comes with alternate heads and alternate arms.

Omega Sentinel also comes with the torso and pelvis for the Tri-Sentinel Build-a-Figure.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are both version of the Omega Sentinel side-by-side.

Here is (most) of the new wave of House of X X-Men. Note that I for some reason forgot Professor X and also note that I have two Omega Sentinels and two Moiras to display their alternate looks.


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  1. She looks awesome. Going to have to pick one of those up.