Sunday, March 28, 2021

Marvel Legends 3.75" Retro - ELEKTRA!

Marvel Legends 3.75" Retro Series 02 - Elektra Natchios - Hasbro 2021

Elektra has never been one of my favorite characters. For the majority of my youth I was forced to participate in martial arts. I say forced because my older brother was both passionate about it, yet afraid to do it alone. And as a middle child I had no say, so they just signed me up for six years of sparring and kata. No boy scouts or wrestling for this guy. And now, predictably so, martial arts in comic characters isn't a skillset that particularly thrills me. But flash forward to 2003 when I read my first Elektra comic (Elektra #23) and I was really intrigued. The story was from the eyes of a man who knew Elektra was coming to assassinate him. She was viewed as a myth, but as his lines of defense failed one by one in a flash of red ribbon, his fear and resignation grew.  I believe that story was used for the intro scene for the 2005 Elektra movie (although the comic writer is not given credit). Ever since that comic, and against all odds, I can say I finally genuinely like a martial arts character. Let's check out Elektra below!

One of my favorite things about this Marvel Legends Retro line is the character selection. So far they have been iconic early 80s characters in their classic costumes. Carol Danvers and Elektra are terrific first choices (I just noticed they have identical sashes, so all it took was a new headsculpt). I can't wait to see what characters are coming. I predict Phoenix, Firestar, Invisible Woman, and Dazzler.

Elektra's sash is made of a really flexible rubbery material. It can be slipped off her legs with minimal effort.

Elektra comes with her signature Sai. I wasn't sure if characters in this line would have accessories at all. So far they're pretty rare (Cap's shield, Daredevil's billyclub, and Elektra's sai).

Elektra has seven points of articulation: Swivel Shoulders; Forearm Swivels, T-Crotch Legs, and a Swivel Neck. The neck feels like it might be a ball-joint, but I ruined one of my figures trying to pop the head off, and unfortunately it's a typical swivel post. The boots have a distinct line that looks like articulation, but this connection is glued solid.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Elektra with her 2013 Marvel Universe version.

Here she is with the Series 01 Carol Danvers.

This new line is a lot of fun and I have been buying quite a few. Here is Elektra with Carol Danvers, Spider-Man, and Human Torch.

Here are all my Elektras together. From Left to Right: Super Hero Squad, Marvel Legends (2003), Marvel Universe 3.75" (2013)Marvel Legends (2008), Marvel Legends Retro, Marvel Legends (2018), and Toy Biz (1996).


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  1. I stumbled across one of these finally and snagged it. still need a Carol Danvers.